Kilamanjaro Jazz

Kilamanjaro Jazz started out as Urania Records in 1995. We found out there was already another label with name, so the next few releases were released on FDR Records (Funky Diva Records). Then we decided that name wasn't exactly what we wanted to go further with so we changed the name to Kilamanjaro Disques. At that point, we realized people were confusing the spelling of the word"disques" so we changed it again.... to Kilamanjaro Jazz... So here we are...

The mountain in Africa the label is named after is spelled Kilimanjaro, we have changed it i to an a.... and dropped the disques completely.

Kilamanjaro Jazz from the beginning of our recording history focuses on originality, creativity and excellence in the musical and poetic arts.

That is our goal and continues to be the inspiration that drives this labels output. Tradition informs everything we do and we seek to maintain the tradition and expand it!